Short Midrash Mish Mosh samples are here

Below are some things that I had sitting around. Might as well post 'em. Sometimes I think they sound pretty great!

Hope you enjoy them.

Midrash Mish Mosh Live in Krakow
New Video from Krakow Jewish Music Festival 2005!

Klezmish Moshpit at Szeroca Square, Shalom Concert Finale 10.25-MB

with Aaron Alexander & Michael Sarin - drums
Fima Ephron - bass; Brad Shepik - guitar
Curtis Hasselbring -trombone; Frank London - trumpet
Alex Kontorovich - alto saxophone; Merlin Shepherd & Christian Dawid - clarinets

Midrash Mish Mosh Live at The Tank NYC

The Song Yiddishe Kop Live

Midrash Mish Mosh Live at Makor, May/2005
recorded by Merceditas Manago-Alexander

Debkavanah 11.1MB

Aaron Alexander - drums, Greg Wall-clarinet,
Alex Kontorovich - saxophone,
Ben Holmes - trumpet, Jacob Garchik - trombone,
Brad Shepik - guitar, David Richards - bass


Aaron Alexander & Musicians was a band I had for a couple years in 1998 & 1999,
featuring Cuong Vu on trumpet, Jamie Saft on keyboards, Stomu Takeishi on bass, and myself on drums.
Jamie, Cuong and I originally got together to do a dance piece I wrote for the choreographer Amy Cox.

This three song suite was used my my wife Merceditas Manago-Alexander as music for a piece she choreographed on a group of students at Rutgers University.

Yew Piney Mountain

Thanks to Bill Camp for turning me on to this Appalachian fiddle tune. I put it in 7 and wrote a new line for it.


Thanks to Jay Clayton for turning me on to this. Written by Duke Ellington the letters stand for Too Good to Title. It was part of the music for the 2nd Sacred Concert.


This is a Macedonian Folk tune I arranged with shifting pulse in the bass part. Thanks to Peter Epstein and J. Granelli for turning me on to this tune.

Truth Decay was my high school punk band. We opened for DOA and the Butthole Surfers and others.

Paul Hsu on guitar, Lou Alexander on bass, Eric Hood on vocals, myself on drums
Here's a few short tunes that I rescued from a cassette tape of a live show at the Metropolis in 1982 I think.
Paul Hsu and Lou Alexander wrote the tunes